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COVID-19 Related Speaking Engagements

Dong, E.Invited JudgeBusiness Analytics Competition, Manhattan College04/23/22
Gardner, L. Keynote SpeakerASCE Structures Congress 202204/21/22
Dong, E.Invited Seminar SpeakerDepartment of Geography, Texas A&M University, "Behind the curtain: the story of the covid-19 map"03/14/22
Dong, E.Invited PresenterICC 2021, "Geospatial Data, Dashboards, Analytics And Scientific Communication Lessons Learned From The COVID-19 Pandemic"12/15/21
Dong, E.Keynote SpeakerChilean Minister of National Assets, "Seeing Red: Tracking the Global Pandemic in Real-time with the
Johns Hopkins University CSSE Dashboard"
Dong, E.Featured SpeakerGIS Day at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Behind the curtain: the story of the covid-19 map"11/17/21
Dong, E.Invited SpeakerThe General Preventive Medicine Residency (GPMR) meeting at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health, "JHU COVID-19 Dashboard and Background Technology"
Katz, A.Conference TalkINCOSE Systems Engineering in Healthcare, "Foundations of the JHU Coronavirus Dashboard"11/5/21
Dong, E.Invited SpeakerJHU MedHacks Invited Speaker, "Behind the curtain: the story of the covid-19 map"09/30/21
Katz, A.Conference TalkINFORMS 2021 Healthcare Conference, "Open-Source Data Operations in Support of Public Awareness and the National COVID-19 Response"07/22/21
Dong, E.Invited SpeakerHarvard University CGA Virtual Forum 2021, "Behind the curtain: the story of the covid-19 map"06/30/21
Dong, E.LectureWhiting School of Engineering Reunion Weekend, "Historic First - Tracking the Global Pandemic in Real-time"04/30/21
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkUnion Session of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2021 (EGU21) session US2 – Post-Covid Geosciences, “Tracking COVID-19 in Real-time: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned”04/23/21
Dong, E.Plenary SpeakerTennessee Geographic Information Council Spring Virtual Conference, "Seeing Red - Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time"04/20/21
Dong, E.Keynote Talk2021 ABET Symposium, "Real-time Tracking and Forecasting of COVID-19"04/14/21
Gardner, L.Plenary TalkNATO Think-tank for Information and Decision Execution superiority (TIDE) Sprint, “Tracking COVID-19 in Real-time: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned”04/13/21
Dong, E.Guest speakerBaltimore Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, "Historic First - Tracking the Global Pandemic in Real-time"04/06/21
Gardner, L.Panelist and Moderator SXSW Panel, “Data Detectives: Building Hopkins’ COVID Dashboard”03/16/21
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkTexas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine hosted Consortium of Universities in Global Health 2021 virtual conference, Women in Covid-19: Public Health Response, Vaccine Research03/13/21
Gardner, L.PanelistScripps Research - Spectrum symposium “Stepping up Outbreak Surveillance in the Age of Pandemics”03/10/21
Dong, E.Johns Hopkins Medicine 2021 Dean’s Symposia, "Behind the curtain: The story of the COVID-19 map"02/11/21
Blake, M., Murray, R.Keynote TalkGeo4LibCamp, Stanford University, "The library’s role during the pandemic: public research and the JHU global COVID-19 dashboard"02/09/21
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkDarwin’s Circle 2020, How Technology Can Save the World02/01/21
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkReuters MOMENTUM Virtual Forum12/09/20
Katz, A. PanelistReuters MOMENTUM Virtual Forum, "Live Q&A: The future of technology in healthcare"12/09/20
Murray, R. & Blake, M.Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2020 Membership Meeting, “A Library’s Role in Times of COVID: Lessons Learned from the JHU Global COVID-19 Map”12/08/20
Dong, E.Video“Because of You - The Impact of COVID-Related Support at Johns Hopkins”11/25/20
Gardner, L.PanelistBloomberg New Economy Forum, Panel: The Age of Digital Health11/19/20
Dong, E.GIS Week 2020, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “Seeing Red - Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time”11/18/20
Dong, E.Keynote TalkGIS Day, Esri Bulgaria, “GIS in Action: Tracking the Coronavirus in Real Time”11/18/20
Katz, A.Northeast ARC Users Group, Fall NEARC 2020, “Open Data Operations for COVID-19”11/15/20
Dong, E.Civilization Engineering Invited Lectureohns Hopkins Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, “Seeing Red - Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time”11/11/20
Dong, E.Invited PresentationINFORMS 2020 MB09, “Seeing Red - Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time”11/09/20
Dong, E.Brown University CRUNCH group, “Historic First: Mapping the Pandemic in Real Time11/06/20
Dong, E.Department Colloquium Guest SpeakerDepartment of Geography, Texas State University, “GIS and Public Health - An Introduction to the JHU CSSE Real-time Coronavirus Tracker”11/05/20
Dong, E.Mapping the Pandemic, Library of Congress (LOC), “Historic First: Mapping the Pandemic in Real Time”11/04/20
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkFuture of Privacy Forum; Privacy & Pandemics: Responsible Uses of Technology and Health Data During Times of Crisis. “Tracking COVID-19 in Real-time: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned”10/27/20
Katz, A.Future of Privacy Forum, Privacy in Pandemics, “Data Privacy in Low Density Public Health Environments”10/27/20
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkJHU’s Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES) annual symposium, “Tracking COVID-19 in Real-time: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned”10/23/20
Dong, E.COVID selective course lecture, Stanford University, “Seeing Red - Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time”10/22/20
Gardner, L.Talk and Panel IDWeek, Organized by NIH and CDC. "Behind the Dashboard- Aggregating Large Data for Realtime Public Health Practice and Change”. 10/21/20
Gardner, L.Keynote TalkJHU Research Administrator Day (RAD), “COVID-19 Tracking: Behind the Dashboard”10/06/20
Dong, E.Guest TalkDepartment of Urban & Regional Planning, San Jose State University, “Seeing Red - “Historic First”: Tracking COVID-19 in Real Time”10/02/20
Dong, E.GIS-Pro 2020, The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), “Tracking the pandemic: GIS in Action”10/01/20
Dong, E.School of Library and Information Science, Simmons University, “An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time”09/09/20
Blake, M. & Murray, R. Washington University in St. Louis Data Users Group, “The JHU Global COVID-19 Dashboard​: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for Future Projects​"08/25/20
Gardner, L.Talk and Panelist26th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, titled Fighting a Pandemic: Convergence of Expertise, Data Science and Policy. Hosted by the Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (ACM SIGKDD)08/25/20
Gardner, L.Keynote Talk 14th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ), “Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic in Real Time”08/18/20
Blake, M. & Murray, R.Western Association of Map Libraries & Map and Geospatial Information Round Table, “Lessons Learned from the JHU Global COVID-19 Dashboard”08/14/20
Murray, R. & Blake, M.Plenary Talk Esri Education Summit, “The Most Watched ​Website in the World​: The Evolution of the JHU Global Coronavirus Dashboard​”,08/06/20
Gardner, L.Keynote Talk9th Annual Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnership Conference, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and U.S. Northern Command.07/16/20
Gardner, L.Podcast GuestNational Science Foundation (NSF) podcast: “A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep the world informed”06/25/20
Dong, E.Mapping a Monster, Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs06/03/20
Gardner, L.COVID-19 Pandemic Update for Hospitals and Clinicians: A Virtual and Interactive Learning Experience, Lecture on “Epidemiology of COVID-19”05/18/20
Gardner, L.Podcast GuestESRI podcast: “The Science and Scientist Behind the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Dashboard”05/06/20
Dong, E.Johns Hopkins BMES, “An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time”04/30/20
Katz, A.Operationalizing AI in Health, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, “COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard”04/21/20
Gardner, L.Panel Member COVID-19 Congressional Briefing, “One Hopkins response to COVID-19”03/03/20