Autonomous Vehicles

This research utilizes Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) to simulate traffic patterns, potential policy scenarios, and identify risks in the use of AVs. 

Driving Application

This research aims to establish a database of driving behavior of teenagers. A driving app collects data which can be used for a model that investigates driving behaviors under different conditions. The combination of an application and mathematical modeling allows for models solving real life problems to be accessible. 


A ‘Black Box’ for Autonomous Vehicles

Everyone has heard of the ‘black box’ flight recorder resident in commercial airlines that are often the subject of analysis after an aviation incident. The black box stands as an audit trail of what happened leading up to an accident.  Planes are highly instrumented and, in many cases, highly automated, which makes such a data collection agent critical to the process of accident reconstruction. As vehicles also become highly automated, similar capabilities will be required to understand the context surrounding the AI’s decisions and the operations of the vehicle. We are designing and building this ‘black box’ for vehicles of the future to be versatile for a wide variety of vehicles and also resilient to cyber attack.