In April of 2011, a major new research initiative, the Johns Hopkins Systems Institute, was launched at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). This interdisciplinary research facility, based in JHU’s Whiting School of Engineering, includes faculty from across the university. In 2016, the Systems Institute was renamed to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering takes a multidisciplinary approach to modeling, understanding, and optimizing systems of national importance, including medicine, health care delivery, national infrastructure, information security, disaster response, and education. In addition to engineering faculty, the institute utilizes the expertise of researchers from the schools of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education; and from JHU’s Applied Physics Laboratory, already one of the nation’s leading centers of systems engineering.

There are three major components of Center for Systems Science and Engineering activities:

Research. The primary role of the Institute is to serve as the focal point of inter-campus collaborations on systems research. The Center’s Systems Research Group brings together faculty from Engineering, Public Health, and Medicine with a common interest in using systems methods to advance our understanding of complex problems. Current funded projects are highlighted on our Research page.

Education. CSSE is developing new graduate courses and programs in systems research. These include interactive, in-person courses and workshops in WSE as well as in the other academic divisions of the University. As the research programs in CSSE become established, a full-time Master’s and eventually a PhD program in Systems will be pursued.

Systems Practice. CSSE also serves as a source of systems faculty and researchers who are interested in applying existing systems technology and methods to practical problem solving. Clients include the Hopkins medical system, State agencies, industrial affiliates, and other parties within and outside of Johns Hopkins who need systems expertise to solve technical problems.

Center for Systems Science and Engineering