Systems classes


The Center for System Science and Engineering is based in the Johns Hopkins Department of Civil Engineering. Graduate students interested in pursuing the Systems focus area should express this intent in their application and be interested in working with one of the CSSE-affiliated faculty.

Part-time and online Master’s degrees and certificates in systems are also offered by Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals.

Our students learn to use modeling and simulation to study the performance of complex systems and calculate the effect of changes.

  • EN.560.320 Structural Dynamics
  • EN.560.445 Advanced Structural Analysis
  • EN.560.450(650) Introduction to Operations Research
  • EN.560.453(653) An Introduction to Network Modeling
  • EN.560.608 Multilevel and Multiobjective Optimization
  • EN.580.618 Probabilistic Methods
  • EN.560.641 Equilibrium Problems in Systems Engineering
  • EN.560.645 Advanced Topics in Optimization
  • EN. 560.740 Optimization and Learning
  • EN.570.695 Environmental Health and Engineering Systems Design
  • EN.570.616 Data Analytics in Environmental Health and Engineering
  • EN.570.697 Risk and Decision Analysis
  • EN.570.607 Energy Policy and Planning Models
  • EN.553.783 Reliability Analysis
  • EN.553.766 Combinatorial Optimization
  • EN.553.762 Nonlinear Optimization II
  • EN.553.753 Commodities and Commodity Markets
  • EN.553.673 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
  • EN.553.653 Mathematical Game Theory
  • EN.553.661 Optimization in Finance
  • EN.553.671 Combinatorial Analysis
  • EN.553.663 Network Models in Operations Research
  • EN.553.636 Data Mining
  • EN.553.613 Applied Statistics and Data Analysis
  • EN.553.600 Mathematical Modeling and Consulting
  • EN.553.694 Applied and Computational Linear Algebra
  • EN.553.633 Monte Carlo Methods
  • EN.550.636 System Identification and Likelihood Methods
  • EN.550.663 Stochastic Search and Optimization
  • EN.550.664 Modeling, Simulation, and Monte Carlo
  • EN.550.690 Neural Networks and Feedback Control Systems
  • EN.601.636 Algorithmic Game Theory
  • EN.601.633 Intro Algorithms
  • EN.601.675 Machine Learning
  • EN.601.676 Machine Learning: Data to Models
  • EN.601.682 Machine Learning: Deep
  • EN.491.691 Learning Theory I
  • EN.625.623 Introduction to Operations Research