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October 2022

The Lancet (10/1/22) – “Lasker Awards 2022”

September 2022

Lasker Foundation – “The 2022 Lasker~Bloomberg Public Service Award honors Lauren Gardner (Johns Hopkins University) for creating the Covid-19 Dashboard”

New York Times (9/28/22) – “Lasker Award Honors Development of Noninvasive Prenatal DNA Test”

LA Times (9/28/22) – “This COVID-19 tracker changed how we saw the pandemic. Its creator fears it won’t be useful much longer”

Baltimore Sun (9/28/22) – “Did you click on the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard? After billions of views, the researcher behind it has earned a top prize.”

JAMA Network (9/28/22) – “The COVID-19 Dashboard for Real-time Tracking of the Pandemic”

PNAS (9/28/22) – “QnAs with Lauren M. Gardner: Winner of the 2022 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award”

July 2022

Nature (7/5/22) – “Need web data? Here’s how to harvest them”

March 2022

Nature (3/23/22) – “Lessons from the COVID data wizards” 

September 2021

April 2021

Healthywomen (4/15/21 [online]) – “15 Minutes with Dr. Lauren Gardner”

February 2021

Worth (2/18/21 [online]) – “2021 Groundbreaking Women List”

January 2021

The Atlantic (January/February issue [print]; 12/14/20 [online]) – “How Science Beat the Virus and what it lost in the process”

December 2020

Inc. (12/3/20 [online]) – “These 4 Unsung Heroes of the Covid-19 Pandemic Just Might Inspire You”

November 2020

BBC (11/24/20) – “BBC 100 Women 2020”

TIME (11/19/20 [online]) – “The Best Inventions of 2020: 2020’s Go-To Data Source – Johns Hopkins Corona­virus Resource Center” Baltimore (11/16/20) – “The ReaLIST 2020: Meet the 20 most influential technologists in Baltimore”

October 2020

The Baltimore Sun (10/21/20) – “25 Women to Watch 2020”

The Baltimore Sun (10/19/20) – “Meet some of the Baltimore women driving the national response to the coronavirus pandemic”

September 2020

TIME (9/22/20 [online], September 2020 issue [magazine]) – “The 100 Most Influential People of 2020: Lauren Gardner”

August 2020

Fast Company (8/4/20 [online], September 2020 issue [magazine]) – “Johns Hopkins’s COVID-19 dashboard alerted us to trouble ahead. Meet the woman who made it”

July 2020 Baltimore (7/16/20) – “Johns Hopkins’ map won’t be affected as COVID-19 data shifts from CDC”

CNN (7/11/20) – “Johns Hopkins’ dashboard: The people behind the pandemic’s most visited site”

Baltimore Magazine (July 2020) – GameChanger: Lauren Gardner

Newsweek (7/2/20) – “Americans Social Distanced Before They Were Told to, and It Potentially Saved Others”

U.S. News & World Report (7/2/20) “Americans Started Staying Put Early in the Pandemic, and That May Have Saved Lives”

NBC Nightly News (7/1/20) – “What makes someone a coronavirus super-spreader?”

CNN (7/1/20) – “Americans who stayed home before they were told to saved lives, study finds”

June 2020

The Washington Post (6/29/20)“Millions track the pandemic on Johns Hopkins’s dashboard. Those who built it say some miss the real story”

Baltimore Business Journal (6/26/20) – “Best in Tech 2020 – Lauren Gardner, Johns Hopkins University”

NSF Rapid Response COVID-19 Podcast (6/25/20) – COVID-19 Dashboard updates the world with critical data

ZDNet (6/12/20)“How to track the coronavirus: Dashboard delivers real-time view of the deadly virus”

Le Monde (6/6/20)“Johns Hopkins University, vigie mondiale de l’épidémie due au coronavirus”

May 2020

Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine (Summer 2020) – “Tracking the Coronavirus”

U.S. News and World Report (5/22/20) – “U.S. News Hospital Heroes – Meet the Woman Behind the World’s Most Famous Coronavirus Tracker”

Johns Hopkins University Magazine (Summer 2020) – “Seeing Red”

The Wall Street Journal (5/9/20) – “How a Johns Hopkins Professor and Her Chinese Students Tracked Coronavirus”

The Atlantic (5/8/20) – “You’ll Probably Never Know If You Had the Coronavirus in January”


April 2020

NPR (4/13/20)“Mapping COVID-19: Millions Rely On Online Tracker Of Cases Worldwide”

The New York Times (4/7/20) – “Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak”

Nature Index (4/7/20) – “Behind the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus dashboard”

The Wall Street Journal (4/6/20) – “Coronavirus Cases Rise Sharply, as U.S. Braces for Most Challenging Days Ahead”

Science (4/6/20) – “‘Every day is a new surprise.’ Inside the effort to produce the world’s most popular coronavirus tracker”

CGTN: China Global TV Network (4/4/20) – “Billions are on this COVID-19 site, we talked to the guy who built it”

CNN (4/4/20) – “Most people recover from Covid-19. Here’s why it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many”

March 2020

PBS News Hour (3/22/20) – “What trends are researchers seeing with the coronavirus?”

The Philadelphia Inquirer (3/19/20) – “Johns Hopkins coronavirus dashboard offers a real-time window on a global pandemic”

CSPAN (3/6/2020) – Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Briefing

USA Today (3/2/20) – “Coronavirus, explained: everything to know about COVID-19, the deadly virus alarming the world” 

Women’s Agenda (3/1/20) – “Meet some of the women trying to beat the spread of coronavirus”

February 2020

Scientific American (2/13/20) – “Here’s How Computer Models Simulate the Future Spread of New Coronavirus”

January 2020

CNN (1/29/20) – “This map tracks the coronavirus in real time”

Vox (1/29/20) – “A coronavirus outbreak is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.”

Washington Post (1/29/20) – “Fears of coronavirus infection have university officials responding quickly”

U.S. News & World Report (1/28/20) – “Tracking the Coronavirus in Real Time”

Newsweek (1/28/20) – “China Coronavirus Outbreak Updates Can Now Be Tracked Live with This Dashboard”

Baltimore Sun (1/27/20) – “As first Maryland patient is tested for new coronavirus, response will be based on past outbreaks