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Systems Engineer Innovating Field of Disaster Readiness and Relief

February 12, 2016

Systems Institute researcher and Civil Engineer Judy Mitrani-Reiser is dramatically advancing the field of disaster readiness and relief in community infrastructure through her innovative mathematical approach. Mitrani-Reiser developed a model to asses a structure’s safety in the event of an earthquake, like a real building inspector would, but this risk assessment tool is designed to incorporate how even minor […]

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SI Research Creates Model to Improve Information on Forest Protection

December 14, 2015

In research published for the Environment and Energy Team of the World Bank Group, SI’s Dr. Sauleh Siddiqui and economist Jon Strand propose a model‬ to measure the value of information of environmental and natural resources. The team applies this model to the Amazon rain forest in order to demonstrate the importance of improved information on forest protection with the goal […]

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Hopkins and UMD Researchers Devise Computer Model to Predict Patient Discharges

October 20, 2015

Johns Hopkins Systems Institute researchers Dr. Scott Levin and Professor Sauleh Siddiqui, along with Dr. Eric Hamrock and Dr. Matthew Toerper of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Professor Sean Barnes of the University of Maryland School of Business, have recently created a computer model to predict when and how many patients will be discharged from […]

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SI Systems Science Director’s Commentary in Nature Journal

January 16, 2015

Josh Epstein co-authored the commentary “Infectious disease: Mobilizing Ebola survivors to curb the epidemic”, published in the December issue of Nature journal. Dr. Epstein and team’s MORE strategy could help reduce Ebola transmission in West Africa. Read the full text of the commentary here.  

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