Cities are complex social-technical entities that must be addressed as a systems problem to make progress. At theCenter for Systems Science and Engineering we provide a means for the social and technical to come together and for systems-level solutions to be developed and understood. Cities are a complex array of inter-connected systems providing services as diverse as education and agriculture to basic economy, and are underpinned by an aging and interdependent infrastructure overseen by complex political processes that are at best imperfect. In short – they are exactly the kind of rich systems problems CSSE favors. Disaster resilience, sustainability, and the intersection of health and cities are just three of the specific topics of active research and great interest to our researchers.

Center for Systems Science and Engineering faculty and researchers bring new ways of thinking about these city problems that are different from the disciplinary perspective- i.e. different from the public health perspective and the strictly engineering perspective, or education perspective. CSSE works to integrate all these different views of a city problem and come up with more holistic perspectives and solutions. For example, urban sustainability research may focus on transportation planning in isolation or green space planning in isolation. However, transportation and local agriculture and where people live and work are all inextricably linked and advances towards urban sustainability must take the whole system into account – an approach much favored at theCenter for Systems Science in Engineering. We invite you to learn more about our efforts in cities and to join us in bringing systems solutions to the complex system most of humanity now lives and works in: the city.



Center for Systems Science and Engineering