“Modeling Public Health and Medicine: STScI Engineering & Technology” Colloquium @ John Bahcall Auditorium, Space Telescope Science Institute, Muller Building, San Martin Drive
Apr 2 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Systems dynamics and agent-based modeling have recently been used to explore complex systems in a wide range of disciplines. This talk will begin with a quick tutorial outlining the basic principles of these computational tools. Several simulations will be shown to demonstrate the visual aspects of the methods. A few current research applications in public health and medicine at Johns Hopkins will also be described. The talk will conclude with a brief, apolitical analysis of sequestration.

Tak Igusa is the founding Director for Education and Research of the Johns Hopkins Systems Institute. He received an A.B. in Applied Mathematics at Harvard and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Berkeley and was on the faculty at Northwestern University before returning to Baltimore in 1999 as a professor at Johns Hopkins. His research interests are in the application of mathematical modeling to understanding systems in public health, civil infrastructure, and medicine. His interests also include structural dynamics, acoustics, and applications of statistics and probability theory to problems in civil and mechanical engineering, and more recently in atmospheric science.

Tea & Cookies will be served at 2:45 pm

2014 Systems Institute Symposium @ Mt. Washington Conference Center
Oct 2 @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, the Systems Institute will host a symposium to allow various systems researchers to present their research and have conversations about future collaboration.

The program includes short introduction by Scott Levin, Systems Institute Leadership Council Chair, research presentations by Systems Institute faculty and a poster session.


Scott Levin, Systems Institute Leadership Council Chair; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, JHU

LeeRoy Bronner, Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Morgan State University

Sauleh Siddiqui, Systems Institute Leadership Council Member, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, JHU

Seth Guikema, Systems Institute Director for Cities; Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Engineering, JHU

Judith Mitrani-Reiser, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, JHU

Kavi Bawa-Bhalla, Assistant Professor, Health Systems, JHU

Joshua M. Epstein, Systems Institute Director for Systems Science; Professor, Emergency Medicine and Center for Advanced Modeling, JHU

Tak Igusa, Systems Institute Director for Health; Professor, Civil Engineering, JHU


Event details: by invitation only



2016 Systems Institute Symposium @ Charles Commons Conference Center
Mar 9 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

2016 Systems Institute Symposium

“Diverse Perspectives in Systems Engineering”


Lawrence "Dale" Thomas, Professor and Eminent Scholar, College of Engineering. (Michael Mercier/UAH).

Keynote Speaker:

L. Dale Thomas, Ph. D., P.E.
Professor and Eminent Scholar in Systems Engineering
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

“The Intersection of Needs, Methods, and Trends in Systems Engineering for Aerospace and Defense”




More details here.

Center for Systems Science and Engineering