Tak Igusa

ProfessorDepartment of Civil Engineering
Program Lead, Education and Training Core, Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center
Joint appointments: Applied Mathematics and StatisticsEarth and Planetary SciencesInternational Health

Research Interests

Systems Research: Systems Modeling in Public Health, Community Resilience, Auto-immune Disorders
  • The mission of the Clinical Trial Systems Project (CTSP) is to recommend and develop progressive strategies for the U.S. clinical trial system that would lead to rapid and cost-effective access of pharmaceuticals for patients. In our research work, we will explore alternative scenarios of stakeholder integration and collaboration, and we will place innovation at the center of new approaches to research and development.

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  • Global participation in space activity is growing as satellite technology matures and spreads through technology transfer. Countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are creating or reinvigorating national satellite programs. These countries are building local capability in space through technological learning. This project analyzes implementation approaches in small satellite programs within developing countries. The study addresses diverse examples of approaches used to master, adapt, diffuse and apply satellite technology in emerging countries. An original framework examines implementation approaches and contextual factors using the concept of Systems Architecture. Further analysis examines the progress in capability building via technology transfer. In order to master the knowledge base underlying satellite engineering, both individuals and organizations must capture a broad knowledge base which includes both tacit and explicit knowledge about technical and managerial topics. The framework also defines capability building as a process. This capability building framework is applied to in-depth analysis of four countries in Africa and Asia. A key question to consider is how countries adapt, master and diffuse technology over the long term. Several countries stand out for their effort in this area, but this is a long term challenge.

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Center for Systems Science and Engineering