The growth of systems science and engineering parallels the growth of technology. The term “system” once evoked images of man-made entities with closely interacting components coordinated to produce a set of outcomes; now, current usage of the term is much broader in scope and scale. The study of systems is no longer confined to operations research and systems research has evolved into a trans-disciplinary field, connecting mathematics, engineering, social and physical sciences and medicine.

The mission of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) is to promote collaborative research and education activities in this new vision of systems.  The center will bring together students, faculty and researchers from the Whiting School of Engineering, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Education, the Carey School of Business, and the Applied Physics Laboratory.  Some potential areas of work include systems approaches to public health, neuroengineering, the science and technology of patient treatment and safety, informatics for individualized health and education, and civil infrastructure.  The Institute will also organize and support a broad range of educational activities, primarily at the post-graduate level.

The overall goals of the center are to:

  • establish Hopkins as a world leader in systems approaches to a wide range of grand challenge problems,
  • create programs that will integrate research and education in systems science and practice of systems technology, and
  • provide infrastructure that will facilitate collaboration and thereby significantly increase funding in this area.

Center for Systems Science and Engineering