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Systems Engineer Innovating Field of Disaster Readiness and Relief

Systems Institute researcher and Civil Engineer Judy Mitrani-Reiser is dramatically advancing the field of disaster readiness and relief in community infrastructure through her innovative mathematical approach. Mitrani-Reiser developed a model to asses a structure’s safety in the event of an earthquake, like a real building inspector would, but this risk assessment tool is designed to incorporate how even minor damage to buildings can affect overall productivity and even incorporates the human chain of events in the case of a natural disaster. Mitrani-Reiser’s work has been applied worldwide, from Chile and Nepal, where massive earthquakes have debilitated thousands of cities and communities in past years, to Utah and even Baltimore, where she works with Johns Hopkins Medicine International and the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future to better the resilience of the local health care network and the city’s food supply. Mitrani-Reiser was invited to the White House earlier this month for the earthquake resilience summit to discuss a new early-warning system for the West Coast and her latest paper is being published soon. Read more about Judy Mitrani-Reiser’s ground breaking work here.

The goal of this project is to create realistic disaster scenarios in a virtual city that can be used to…

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