SI Researchers Present at 2015 INFORMS Conference

December 11, 2015

SI Academic Director Sauleh Siddiqui, along with SI researchers Daniel Robinson, Daniel Huppmann, Jimi Oke, and Wei Jiang presented at the 2015 Annual INFORMS conference in Philadelphia during the first week of November. This conference brings together the leading minds across many fields to present their research to over 5,000 attendees in the form of poster presentations, panel discussions, tutorials, and more. SI presentations included: Volumes for the Renewable Fuel Standard using Multiobjective Programs with Equilibrium Constraints (Sauleh Siddiqui), A Solver for Nonconvex Bound-constrained Quadratic Optimization (Daniel Robinson), An Exact Solution Method for Binary Equilibrium Problems and the Power Market Uplift Problem (Daniel Huppmann), The Trade-Off Between Market Efficiency and Compensation Payments in Unit Commitment Problems (Daniel Huppmann), A Crude Oil Market Model for the United States (Jimi Oke), and Machine Learning for Clinical Decision Support for Heart Failure (HF) Readmission (Wei Jiang). Daniel Robinson also served as Chair of Nonlinear Programming in Optimization.


Center for Systems Science and Engineering